Antimicrobial Film uses Pure Zone® technology — silver ions are used to reduce bacterial population by 4 logs (99.99% in the number of bacteria).


isoProtects 24 hours, 7 days a week
isoNo nanoparticles
isoPerfectly ecological
isoInhibits the development of 99.99% of germs tested *
isoActive for 5 years
isoHelp reduce staff sick days
isoPrevents the formation of biofilm
isoNon-irritant for skin
isoPeace of mind for customers
iso* tests in conformity with the ISO 22196 standard


Antimicrobial Film can be used to help protect premises including Aged Care, Gyms, Banks, Chemists, Childcare, Schools and Retail Shops

How does it work?

The Antimicrobial film is made up of bacterial fighting silver ions encapsulated in a glass matrix which are distributed over the film in a uniform manner. When the film is cleaned or the environment is humid, silver ions are released from the top layer of the film. These ions come into contact with the bacteria, blocking their metabolism and/or interrupting their proliferation mechanism, leading to their destruction.

The Antimicrobial Action of Silver Ions

In its (elemental) metallic form, silver is inert and does not kill bacteria. Silver atoms (written as Ag or Ag0) must lose an electron and become positively charged silver ions, Ag+. Silver is ionised in air, but above all in a humid environment. Silver ions are highly reactive and affect multiple sites in bacterial cells, guaranteeing their destruction.

Silver Ions:

Structure of a Bacterium